A film by Kalidou Sy

When his novel Bound to violence was published in 1968 by the Editions du Seuil, Yambo Ouologuem was still a young Malian writer, a complete stranger to the general public. However, that same year, he became the first African to win the prestigious Prix Renaudot, and he skyrocketted to fame. But soon after, the young man faced accusations for stealing from great authors. He was boycotted, shamed and even insulted. His life and work is a tragedy, and a source of inspiration.

The film is supported by the Jeune Création Francophone program 2022 (CNC, OIF)

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  • Status :Project
  • Director :Kalidou Sy
  • Genre :Documentary
  • Durée :52’ and 75’
  • Produced by :Sol Invictus (Sénégal) and Elever La Voix Films (France)
  • Broadcaster :TV5 Monde