Eric Vernière President of Elever la Voix. He starts his career in cinema with Sony Pictures, then he joins France Télévisions in 2006, where he develops the international sales and coproductions for prime time programming such as the Apocalypse best seller series, or the Earth From Above, the documentary series by Yann Arthus Bertrand. In 2013 he joins Mona Lisa Production and develops international coproductions such as Life on Us (90’, Arte, 90’) with SBS and Discovery, or the Planet Ice and Planet Sand series (9 x 52’, Arte) with Canada and China. He also produces documentaries about French society for France 3, and the discovery series Earth Signs from Above (4 x 52’) for RMC Découverte. In 2017 he starts his production company Elever la Voix Films with his 3 partners.

Vincent Deforges He created the film distributor SND with CLT in France in 1999, that released Gangs of New York by Martin Scorcese in 2002. He then ran his distribution company Double V for 18 years. He has also produced plays and theatre. He is now passionate about the distribution of VR programming to a variety of audiences, particularly for care, medical treatment or psychological support.

Pascal Mazaud He has an eclectic career as an editorial director for cultural and social TV programmes, then as an independent producer, notably with the 90’ documentary Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton by Loïc Prigent for Arte in 2007, a hit with broadcasters around the world.

Alexis Darne He is a passionate Globe trotter, and has travelled between Paris and west Africa about ten times by road since 2007. He set up a cybercafé and a taxi company in Nouakchott, Mauritania. He now manages a hotel in Dakar, where he lives.