Omar Blondin Diop

A Senegalese revolutionary

A film by Djeydi Djigo

From école Normale Supérieure to the barricades of May 68 in Paris, to the jails of Gorée Island in Dakar where he died in 1973, the itinerary of a young Senegalese intellectual who became a revolutionary. Another vision of the Senghor – Pompidou years.

The film is supported by the “Fonds des Images Francophones” 2021.

  • Status :In production
  • Director :Djeydi Djigo
  • Genre :Documentary
  • Format :80’
  • Co-producers :Sol Invinctus Media Group (Sénégal)
  • Broadcaster Senegal : LABEL TV
  • International distribution :
  • Teaser : Watch the teaser