The New Korean Thriller

A film by Isabelle VanSteenkiste & Savin Yeatman-Eiffel

Korea is being exported to the West, on a massive scale. Its romantic dramas invade our screens and its K-pop bands melt the hearts of teenagers all around the world.
On the program: love, glory and beauty. A Korea that wants to be candy-pink and that sings “Sour Candy” at the top of its lungs. This Black Pink’s song, like the name of the band, reveals a duality that the country cannot escape. In parallel to this perfect standard, sold by young muses with interchangeable faces, other Koreans give life to much darker stories, such as Parasite, the Oscar winning masterpiece by BONG Joon-Ho. The film makers of the Korean film noir denounce the vices of the Korean society, in a dark flamboyant style which is genre cinema at its best.